Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How to Pick out a Stroller for Your Baby

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At first, it might seem that all you need from a baby strollers is something that can roll your baby around, but there are a surprising number of factors you can take into account when shopping for one.

Here are some Tips:

Choose a very durable stroller if you plan on having another child later.

It's better to have a stroller that lasts through the wear and tear of multiple children than to have to buy a new one every time. If you plan on having another child soon, consider a multiple occupancy stroller.

Test out the Belts and Buckles.

Practice putting a doll in the stroller and make sure it's not only comfortable for the baby, but also easy for you. You don't want a belt system so complicated that you'll have to spend 15 minutes fiddling with it or worse, you'll stop using it because it's too much of a hassle.

Check to see if the seat is removable, so that it can be washed easily.

Make sure the handle is comfortable for your height.

Most strollers have adjustable handles but if you're especially short or tall, you'll want to double check.


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