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What are Fun Things to do with your Newborn Baby?

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Congratulations! Your wait is over and your newborn is finally here. Nothing can surpass the joy of newly attained parenthood. Once the initial surprise and elation turns into an everyday routine, taking care of a newborn can become monotonous.

In the initial months, your newborn gets attached to you the most. The way you connect with your baby in these months plays a crucial role in your baby's language formation, social intelligence, logical thinking, emotional connect and overall development.

There are various activities for newborn babies that you can get involved in and enjoy the joys of motherhood.

Top Activities with Newborn Baby:

If you thought that your new born baby will only sleep and wake up for meals, then it's time to rethink! Here are the top 10 activities to do with newborn babies:

Baby's Day Out:

Plan an outing with your baby. It need not be a far flung place but a nearby park or any natural surroundings.
  • Let your baby enjoy the lush greenery and feel the fresh air.
  • Even though your baby may be too small to play, he may really enjoy seeing the colorful environment and other children playing.
  • It will also be a good change for you and your baby from everyday routine.

Music Therapy:

All babies have an affinity towards music. Melodies have a soothing effect on babies and can boost their memory as well as mental skills.
  • Play different genres of music when your darling is awake and see which music relaxes him and which annoys him.
  • Some music might charge him up while some will make him sleep.
  • It is essential to be present along with your baby while the music is playing.
  • Your touch and voice may accentuate the benefits. Sing along and encourage your baby to do so too.
  • Besides making your baby happy, music will also help calm you.

Record Your Baby's Move:

Each moment with your baby is unique and shall never come back, so make sure you capture them.
  • Record your baby's special moments through pictures or videos.
  • Use different accessories and props to make it entertaining for your infant.
  • Make him or her wear special clothes, try a different hair style. Your baby will thoroughly enjoy the attention.
  • Share these with your spouse and near and dear ones. It will be amazing to watch these together when your baby grows up.


It is a wonderful game to play with your munchkin.
  • When your baby is awake and playful, hold him close and try to talk with animated gestures and expressions.
  • Vary the pitch of your voice. You will be amazed to see how your baby reacts to your actions. This will help your baby learn and recognize emotions and increase the attention span of your baby.
  • This activity can help your infant in early language identification and is a great way to strengthen your bond.

Play Hide And Seek:

Play hide and seek with your newborn but not in the regular way.
  • Play hide and seek with your newborn but not in the regular way.
  • Call his name or whistle or make any different kind of noise.
  • Your infant will recognize your voice and try to find out where it is coming from.
  • This activity can increase the alertness in your baby.
  • When your baby finds you, pick him up and shower him with your love. This will create a happy emotional bonding.
  • As a word of caution, don't be too far from your baby. Always be at a distance from where you can pick him up if he is about to fall or get hurt.

Co-ordination Activity:

Introduce your baby to toys and colorful things.
  • Hang different colorful toys just above your baby's bed or cradle.
  • When touched they should emanate soothing sound or change shape or light up.
  • Help your baby to reach out to these toys with their hands or toes and show them how interesting it is.
  • Your baby will soon learn the coordination of hands, eyes and toes and learn to play on his own.

Simulate Senses:

Let your baby feel everything.
  • Don't hasten any activity you do with your baby.
  • If you are bathing your infant, let him or her splash water and play with it.
  • If you are feeding, then let him or her feel the bottle.
  • This gives your baby an understanding of various senses.
  • Such learning is essential for his overall mental, physical and emotional development

Introduce New Things:

Just like you, your baby also hates routine and needs new things to be entertained. Remember these activities of newborn baby will be the base.
  • Take your baby around the house and show things that are non-hazardous and safe.
  • Let your darling stare and feel the objects.
  • It is a wonderful feeling for your baby and also a way to increase his or her memory power.

Story Time:

Of course your little one cannot understand your story but read, nonetheless.
  • Read or tell a story by enacting the same with gestures.
  • Touch your baby's toes, fingers, tickle his belly and see his expressions.
  • You can use this activity when you are clothing your baby. It is a good way to divert attention too!

Try Some Dance:

Sure your baby can't dance but you can definitely sway him to the tunes of music.
  • Take your baby in your arms and try some simple steps.
  • Such moves are not less than any roller coaster ride for your little one.
  • Be careful with your baby's neck and always keep a hand there.
  • This activity can definitely rejuvenate you and your little one.
When you engage into activities with your new born baby or babies, it will help him or her learn things faster while enjoying it more.
We hope you liked our ideas for newborn baby activities month by month. Don't forget to make every moment with your baby special.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

What things to remember when buying a first car seat for your baby

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Travelling with a baby can be a stressful experience, especially if you are a new parent. You suddenly become conscious of every danger on the road and drive defensively to ensure your baby's safety. It is in your best interest to make sure you have the safest car seat available for your infant.

An important item that you will need to bring your baby home safely is a baby car seat. Are you clueless about how to choose a best baby car seat for safety and comfort during his first drive?
There are many factors to take into account when shopping for a car seat to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your child.

Find out in this post some handy tips to help you make the right choice while choosing a baby car seat.

What Are The Weight Limits For Car Seats?

Most car seats have similar weight limits. You can use one in a rear facing position till the time your baby weighs 30 pounds. You can use a car seat in a forward facing position till the time he weighs 40 pounds. Some latest models of car seats even allow as much weight as 80 pounds in a forward facing position.

LATCH System (Lower Anchors and Tether for Children):

Almost all new models of car seats are available with the LATCH system.
The LATCH system helps you attach the car seat directly to your car seat instead of using the seat belt. It makes it easier to use and safer for your baby than the older versions.
The car seats have bottom straps as well as a top tether. However, while you are using the seat in a rear facing position, the manufacturer may ask you to avoid using the top tether. Make sure you follow all safety and installation instructions.

Five-Point Safety Harness:

A five-point safety harness will have the following:
  • A strap for each shoulder.
  • A strap for each thigh.
  • A strap that goes between your baby's legs.
These straps are adjustable and hence safe and comfortable for your baby.

Side Impact Protection:

A side impact protection feature helps keep your baby safe in the event of a collision.
Some baby car seats come with a special type of foam that helps absorb the intensity of an impact. The seats have a safe design to protect your baby especially around the head and chest.

Easy To Clean:

You need to be careful about hygiene if you have a baby around.
  • Check for a car seat that has a separate cover.
  • Choose one, which has an easy to clean cover that you can either toss in the washing machine or wipe with a damp cloth.

Easy To Adjust:

  • A car seat lasts long; it means you will need to adjust it as per the demands of your growing baby.
  • Check for a seat that has straps and a harness you can easily adjust.
  • You can operate some models single handedly for quick use too.
Make sure you test the new baby seat in your car for compatibility before buying a car seat.

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Sunbaby India "Just Me and My Dad" Father’s Day Contest

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Sunbaby going to celebrate this "Father's Day" with all loving father in world. So Sunbaby is holding "Just Me & My Dad" contest. Get set ready to participate in contest and show your love with your father

All You Need To Do Is:-
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  • Vote by clicking "like" on the picture.
  • Votes will only be counted by likes on the photos on our Facebook page, not on shared posts or in the comments.
  • Direct your friends & family to vote on our Facebook page. The photo with the most votes ("likes") by the close of voting will Win.
  • Multiple photo entries will not counted, so upload your Best Photo.
The Event Start on 14-06-2017 and close on 18-06-2017. Results will be declared on 20th June 2019 on Basis of Likes.

So..Show how much your kids love their daddy & you could win Surprise gift from "Sunbaby India"

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What features to look for in a Baby Stroller?

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Sunbaby Brave Heart Lion Stroller

Just as the types of strollers have expanded over the years, so has the number of features. Some stroller features will make your baby's ride safer and more comfortable while others, such as cup holders, shopping baskets and canopy, are aimed at parents.

Here are some of the stroller features likely to affect your child's well being the most.

1. Handlebar

A height-adjustable or telescoping handlebar makes pushing the stroller more comfortable - and it's a must for ergonomic stroller-pushing if you and your partner aren't roughly the same height.

2. Canopy

Be sure to open and close the canopy in the store, paying attention to any loud noises that might startle a snoozing wee one.

3. Fold

One of the top things to look for in a stroller is how easily and compactly it folds. An easy one-hand fold is a huge plus when you're juggling a squirmy baby.

4. Basket

You have to carry a lot, so take some time to test the ease of putting things in and taking things out of the basket. And make sure it's big enough for your needs.

5. Brakes and locks

Some strollers allow you to lock the wheels at the handlebar, while others have a foot brake and lock. Plus, many three-wheeled strollers also have a front-wheel lock for added stability during long walks. Try out models with the different options to see which you prefer.

6. Shocks

Many strollers now come outfitted with shocks to give little ones a less bumpy ride, whether you're navigating busy city sidewalks or strolling along suburban pathways.

7. Wheels

Rubber-coated plastic wheels are standard and work well in the city. But if you're more active or live in a rural area, pneumatic (compressed-air-filled) or foam-filled tires offer a smoother ride. Inline-skate-style wheels are a newer feature designed to roll smoothly and quietly.

8. Seats

Many strollers allow for use of different types of seats, including car seats or bassinets for infants, and some can turn into a double stroller for a growing family. Many models also have extendable seat and footrest features to keep your little one comfy as he grows.

If you made it, congratulations: you're a legitimate stroller expert! Now, if you're a go-getter, you can go to our Best Stroller Collection, browse the strollers and pick what's best for your baby.

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How To Keep Babies Cool in this Hot Weather

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Summer is such a bright and beautiful season! At least that is how it looks like in the movies! However, if you ask a mother, she will have some horror stories to share about this season.
Beating the heat is a challenge we all face every summer. The rising temperature can be unbearable for your baby during the harsh season. You need to be smart to tackle the scorching sun and help your baby enjoy her first summer. So what can you do?

Read below to know some handy tips on how to keep a baby cool in hot season.

Simple Steps to Keep Babies Cool In Summer:

1. Dress Her Right:

You do not need to spend a lot to buy an all-new summer wardrobe for your baby. Just dress her right way. Dress your baby in loose, light, cotton clothes. While going out, make sure your little one wears light colors. Your baby can wear a hat to complete her summer look.

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation:

Babies tend to overheat quickly as they do not have an inner thermostat to regulate the heat. Never leave your baby in a stuffy room. Open the windows in her room to ensure proper ventilation. It will help your baby adjust to the heat and stay cool. Do not leave your baby alone in a car. Babies may suffer from a terminal heat stroke if they spend a few minutes in a locked car during summers.

3. Use A Comfortable Baby Carrier:

For many women, the baby carrier is the one thing that keeps their backs in good shape. It is unrealistic to expect a mother to carry her baby everywhere. However, baby carriers can be very uncomfortable for babies. Carriers made of nylon are better options than denim ones. Limit the time your baby stays in the carrier. The moment your baby looks uneasy, remove her from the carrier. Doing so will ensure that she stays cool and comfortable.
Now Carry your baby in a safe and comfortable manner in Sunbaby Strollers. Made form high quality stuff with Canopy to protect your baby from direct sunlight.

4. Increase The Fluid Intake:

The danger of dehydration looms large, for babies during summers. To keep dehydration at bay make sure your baby has fluids frequently. You are welcome to give your baby all varieties of fluids including Breast milk, formula, water, and juices. Your baby's body needs those extra fluids to keep cool in the hot weather. Increase your infant's fluid intake by as much as 50 percent during summers.

5. Stay Indoors:

With temperatures soaring, make sure your little one spends most of her time indoors. If you have to take her out, make sure it is before 10 am or after 4 pm. You can postpone your family picnics for fair weather so that your baby can enjoy too.

6. Look For Shade:

Do not worry, you can still visit the beach or spend some time in the park during summers. Just make sure that your baby spends most of her time in the shade. Exposure to the harsh sun rays during summers is avoidable for your baby. So carry an umbrella, or look for a tree that will give your baby some respite from the scorching sun.

7. Buy A Table Fan:

During a heat wave, you need to go the extra mile to keep your baby cool. Add a table fan in your baby's room to increase the ventilation and keep her cool. Keep the fan out of your baby's reach to prevent any accident.

8. Let Her Make A Splash:

Water is your baby's best friend when it comes to beating the heat. So go for a swim with your baby. Make sure the pool is cool and clean. You can also let her splash around at home. Just fill her paddling pool with water and let her splash some fun!

9. Air Conditioning:

If you have an air conditioner at home, you do not have to worry about the heat outside. If you do not have one, steal some cool air! Summer is the perfect time to visit the museum, library, and restaurant – anywhere you can find air conditioning! It is a smart way to keep your baby cool during a heat wave!

10. Give Her A Daily Bath:

Bathing is the easiest and cheapest way when it comes to keeping babies cool in hot weather. Give your baby a bath every day during the hot season, preferably before bedtime. It will cool her little body down and help her sleep better too.

These simple measures will go a long way in keeping your baby safe during the sweltering heat. What is good for your baby is good for you too.

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First Car Seat for your Newborn Baby from Sunbaby

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Traveling with a new born baby can be a stressful experience, especially if you are a new parent. You suddenly become more aware of every danger on the road and drive safely to ensure your baby's safety. It's in your best interest to make sure you have the safest car seat available for your baby.

It's best to buy a car seat soon after your baby is born. If you don't own a car or your baby is unlikely to have many car trips, see if you can borrow a car seat from friends or family.

Choosing the right car seat for your baby's age and weight is very important. You must also make sure that it is properly installed. If a car seat doesn't seem to fit your car perfectly, or if it seems difficult to fasten in place, do not buy it. Some seats work better in some models of cars than others.

Now take your baby on a long drive with this comfortable Sunbaby car seat. These car seat is suitable for the children weight up to 13 kg for forward facing. It has 5 point belt harness system. Safely belts keep the baby safe while using that. It has large seat for growing child.

Sunbaby Car Seats are designed after careful research and contain a number of safety features that play a major role in ensure your little one's safety

Sunbaby Orion Forward Facing Car Seat

  • Additional padded Wings - Provides extra safety and comfort
  • Pull Adjustment – Helps to easily adjust the safety belt without hassle
  • Easy and User friendly to install
  • Washable Breathable Fabric – Protect baby from any kind of irritations and gives maximum comfort.
  • Number 1-2-3 will only work forward facing installation
Safety Features:
  • Harness System : 5 Point harness to secure baby through 5 strap. Two at shoulder, two at hips and one crotch, all connected through a buckle release mechanism. The same harness is used in Formula 1 driven cars.
  • Side Protection Shield: The energy absorbing foam every distribute the force of crash, keeping the baby safe.
  • Chest Pad : Ensure that the baby is held securely in his seat.
  • Lateral Headrest : It provides extra cushion to the baby's head from sides.
  • Pitch Control System : It reduces the child forward movement in the seat, especially useful in heavy traffic. Where there is need constant braking.
  • Adjustable Side Wings : This helps to adjust according to the height of baby's head and shoulder.
  • Fabric : Breathable fabric so whether it's hot or cold, your baby will be dry and comfortable.
  • Impact Protection Button : It disperse the force away from the child, reducing the risk of injuries.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Potty Trainer - Unboxing & Assembly Instructions.

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Unboxing & Assembly Instructions For "Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Potty Trainer"

At the age of 09 Months and further on. Your baby is ready when he/she can follow simple instructions like sitting down on Potty, getting up and finally washing hands.

"Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Potty Trainer" has cute duck character which makes the potty training more inviting to the baby.

Buy it from here: https://goo.gl/mlHjs1

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