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Baby Birth Registry – A New Trend Touching India

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Move over godhbharais and wedding registries.  The hottest new trend imported from the west is birth registries. For those not familiar with this concept, here it is decoded for your easy perusal: it is a compilation of gifts by the recipient (parents) they wish to receive and then distribute to one and all. The registry is made public and the retailer with whom the parents have signed up removes items from the list as they are purchased by somebody or the other. We at sunbaby India are as you know always innovating, and a birth registry is another unique initiative from our end to provide a wholesome shopping experience for our sunbaby india family members.

Well to begin a registry here are some New born basics to prepare registry. So let’s get down to it: To begin with keep your registry a mix of cheap, medium and expensive products. Like a rainbow, ensure that you sign up for a wide range of products and prices. 

For sleep time, a crib is an essential though not in all Indian homes. Therefore you can register this product in the list of new born basics to prepare registry. Of course a crib mattress, pillows, blanket, bedding set and changing table pad. A baby monitor is also a great product to use and we feel no baby registry would be complete without one.

Bath time is another ball game all together. Therefore besides an exhaustive list of toiletries designed for babies and young ones, baby registry must include baby bath tubs, Baby Potty Seat, Swaddling Clothes, Shampoos, Creams, oils. Dont forget to also sign up for cloth diapers, wipes,nappy pants as well as a mother bag which is handy for venturing out of the homes with the little one or ones in tow.

In the arena of clothes, do select body suits, jumpers, gowns, caps, booties and socks. If you have loved ones who are into knitting etc, then their creations can be added bonus in the nursery cupboard.
Keeping the little darlings entertained is not easy. This i is sure you will find out shortly first hand. So here are some goodies which must find its way to the registry if you ever decide to go for one. They include the ever present swing, a baby play mat or even a baby play gym, toys galore made of non toxic and child friendly raw material.

Before the new one arrives and life becomes a roller coaster, get your act together now.


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