Friday, 13 May 2016

Ssshh Sunbabyindia Surprises Await You

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Surprise –  “Catching someone unaware but in a positive context”. This is the definition of surprise. We at sun baby india fully endorse the sentiments expressed in the definition and take it a step further. What do you mean you ask? Well we have come up with a very novel idea: a Surprise Gift on each purchase. Now isn’t that fantastic? Don’t you believe us? Yes or no? Do tell us. Yes it’s true. With every purchase of a sun baby product we shower you with a surprise gift.


Now my dears; brothers and sisters, proud parents and fellow countrymen and women, have you recovered from your surprise or shock with our breaking news? If not take your time, sip on some ice cold water or fans yourself with a fan. But yes my dears we offer, sorry give Surprise Gift on each purchase made from your very own favorite kids store. Try it out this week, log onto your laptop, mobile or desktop and shop to your heart’s content. Shop for diapers or baby products, toys or strollers and play mats or potty seats. Then break out into big smiles.

Of course if you want to avail of complimentary shopping your purchases have to be minimum INR 500 and above. So hurry, what are you waiting for? Beat the rest and avail of good deals and then the cherry on the cake in the form of a great gift which will add value to your life and make your shopping with us a big big deal. We won’t tell you what you get and why ruin the lovely stunning surprise. Ms Sonia Chettri of Poona is a regular customer as she picks up stuff for her family parents and here is her feedback “sun baby india surprises me with their service and quality, but getting a gift from them was too much”. 


You too could be like Soniya from Pretty Poona and be lucky super duper winner. So drop everything now, shop even if you have no legit reason, just to avail of great deals and terrific gifts. And ssshhhh don’t tell others in your social circle, let them turn red with envy as you become proud owners of great products and cool gifts.

Sunbabyindia online store in India is at your doorstep service, with incredible baby items and super savers as always for all mothers & kids. We bid adieu with our best wishes and smiles.


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