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What features to look for in a Baby Stroller?

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Just as the types of strollers have expanded over the years, so has the number of features. Some stroller features will make your baby's ride safer and more comfortable while others, such as cup holders, shopping baskets and canopy, are aimed at parents.

Here are some of the stroller features likely to affect your child's well being the most.

1. Handlebar

A height-adjustable or telescoping handlebar makes pushing the stroller more comfortable - and it's a must for ergonomic stroller-pushing if you and your partner aren't roughly the same height.

2. Canopy

Be sure to open and close the canopy in the store, paying attention to any loud noises that might startle a snoozing wee one.

3. Fold

One of the top things to look for in a stroller is how easily and compactly it folds. An easy one-hand fold is a huge plus when you're juggling a squirmy baby.

4. Basket

You have to carry a lot, so take some time to test the ease of putting things in and taking things out of the basket. And make sure it's big enough for your needs.

5. Brakes and locks

Some strollers allow you to lock the wheels at the handlebar, while others have a foot brake and lock. Plus, many three-wheeled strollers also have a front-wheel lock for added stability during long walks. Try out models with the different options to see which you prefer.

6. Shocks

Many strollers now come outfitted with shocks to give little ones a less bumpy ride, whether you're navigating busy city sidewalks or strolling along suburban pathways.

7. Wheels

Rubber-coated plastic wheels are standard and work well in the city. But if you're more active or live in a rural area, pneumatic (compressed-air-filled) or foam-filled tires offer a smoother ride. Inline-skate-style wheels are a newer feature designed to roll smoothly and quietly.

8. Seats

Many strollers allow for use of different types of seats, including car seats or bassinets for infants, and some can turn into a double stroller for a growing family. Many models also have extendable seat and footrest features to keep your little one comfy as he grows.

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